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Signworks is a large format printing company in Bromma, a stone's throw from Stockholm city. Through digital printing, we manufacture, process and mount signs, decals, banners and exposure materials. We print, cut, mill, fold and laser cut most materials such as paper, cardboard, vinyl, fabric, plastic, aluminum, iron, wood, etc.

The only limit is your imagination!

We digitally print with Greenguard certified UV-ink with color set CMYK + white. UV ink gives a matte end product, but if necessary, we can blank laminate most products. Below are recommendations for delivery of originals for printing so that production and delivery go smoothly and you as a customer will be satisfied with the end result.

  • Recommended file formats: PDF, AI, EPS alt. TIFF

  • Fonts: Vectorized or inclusive. 

  • Color profile: Fogra 39

  • File transfer via email, sprend or via dropbox link. Sent to:

  • Cut marks and bleeds should be max 5 -10mm. 

  • When wall wrapping larger motifs (e.g. 3x10m) it is recommended to have a bleed of about 20-40mm all around (without cut marks). 

The recommended resolution should normally be 75-150 dpi in the final format. For larger formats, it is possible to make originals in 10% of the final format. Be careful to specify this in the original name. The recommended resolution depends on the viewing distance. If the subject is to be seen at close range, the original must have a higher resolution and at long distance it is not as important.

Our machines are calibrated by professionals. Different printing methods, machines, color sets, inks give different results as well as the material you want to print on. The color and opacity of the material gives different results. In case of doubt or if it is extra important that a certain color comes out according to your wishes, we can make a test print before final production. 

Texts and logos should be vectorized so that they can be enlarged without losing sharpness. For cut-out or milled motifs, the files must be vectorized so that cutting paths can be added. Make cutting paths as a separate layer in the print original. All linked illustrations should be packed so that all layers are merged into one background layer. If your image original contains a lot of black, make sure that the black color is built from all four colors. For example, the CMYK code 91/79/62/97 can be used. 


For other questions, email your contact person or send you inquiry to

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